Jakarta Free Walking Tour!

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Walking Tour Options:
OLD TOWN Walking Tour: every Monday, Thursday, and Sunday at 3pm*.
CHINATOWN Walking Tour: every Tuesday & Friday at 3pm*.
CITY CENTER Walking Tour: every Wednesday & Saturday at 3pm*.
FOOD Walking Tour*: Monday to Friday at 6.30pm. IDR100.000/pax. (*foreigners only)
Registration for regular route: HERE
During Ramadan month (29 May-25 June 2017) only afternoon tours are available (3pm). 

WEEKENDS (Registration for Weekend: HERE)

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  • Registration for Wisata ke Masjid: 0819 1083 1792 (Wisata Sekolah)
  • Other tours start at 3pm except the old town night starts at 9pm.

Regular Route Details:
1.  Old town – this is where it all started. Experience Jakarta (Batavia then) in the Dutch colonial time.
Di sini semuanya dimulai. Jelajahi Jakarta (dahulu Batavia) di masa kolonial Belanda.
The walk pases: Jakartakota train station, Sunda Kelapa Old Harbour, Syahbandar Tower, Dutch Drawbridge, Fatahillah Square, OLVEH building.
Melewati: Stasiun Jakartakota, Pelabuhan Sunda Kelapa, Menara Syahbandar, Jembatan Kota Intan, Lapangan Fatahillah, Gedung OLVEH. 

2. Chinatown – walk inside Jakarta’s oldest chinatown with the traditional market and temples.
Berjalan di dalam pecinan tertua di kota Jakarta dengan pasar tradisional ciri khas dan klenteng klenteng tua.
The walk passes: Old Chinese house – Candranaya, Petak Sembilan traditional market, Dharma Bakti temple, St. Maria de Fatima church, Toa Se Bio temple, Gloria food alley.
Melewati: Rumah Mayor-Candra Naya, Pasar Petak Sembilan, klenteng Dharma Bhakti, Gereja Santa Maria de Fatima, klenteng Toa Se Bio, Gang Kalimati, Gang Gloria. 

3. City centre 1 – the route highlights some of the most important landmarks in the modern Jakarta
Rute ini melewati beberapa bangunan terpenting di Jakarta yang modern.
The walk passes: National Museum, Court of Constitution, National Monument, Presidential Palace, the Great Mosque Istiqlal, Jakarta Cathedral.
Melewati: Museum Nasional, Mahkamah Konstitusi, Monumen Nasional, Istana Merdeka, MAsjid Istiqlal, Katedral Jakarta. 

9. Food Tour – Want to get a glimpse of Indonesian foods in just 2 hours of walking? Join our foodie tour and try various cuisine from different parts of Indonesia…without having to travel far, just walk!
The walk passes such cuisine: West Sumateran food, e.g., Rendang; Satay (chicken, lamb, etc); Nasi Goreng (chicken, lamb, etc.); Martabak (Indonesian pancake); Soto (any kind); and so much more.

Other Routes:
1. Menteng – one of the nicest neighbourhoods in the city with some interesting historical stories.
The walk passes: Suropati park, Bappenas building, Declaration of Independence Museum, Obama’s school, The Great General Museum, Kunstkring Art Gallery, Cut Meutia Mosque. 
2. Pasar baru – the name might mean “new”, but there’s nothing new about this area. Old buildings, market, holy places can be found in the neighbourbood.
The walk passes: Santa Ursula school, Jakarta Philately Building, Jakarta Art Building, Antara Gallery, Pasar Baru, Gang Kelinci Noodle, PNIEL old church.
3. Cikini – Walk among the busy streets and tall buildings of the city and find secret stories.
The walk passes: Gedung Juang 45, Taman Ismail Marzuki, SMPN 1 Jakarta, Perguruan Cikini, Pasar Surabaya (Surabaya Antique Market).
Jatinegara – One of Jakarta’s busiest trading centers that holds historical values and religious tolerance.
The walk passes: Jatinegara train station, Koinonia church, Amurva Bhumi Temple, Al Anwar Mosque, Jatinegara Gems Centre.
5. City Center 2 – It’s the other part of Jakarta’s City Center. You will find government buildings housed in the Dutch colonial buildings. Let’s find the stories behind the buildings!
The walk passes: Banteng Square, Pancasila building, Immanuel Church, National Gallery, Tugu Pahlawan (Heroes Monument), Balai Kota (City Hall).
Thamrin – Let’s walk under the skyscrapers of Jakarta and find out the stories of modern Jakarta.
The walk passes: Hotel Indonesia – HI Roundabout – Sarinah – St. Theresa Church – Bank Indonesia HQ – Thamrin statue.
7.  Cilincing – Let’s walk in North Jakarta’s historical seaside area and explore the dynamic life of the people and the stories behind the interesting places.
The walk passes: Fisherman Village – Mussels Farming – Cilincing Crematory – Segara Shrine – Fish Market – Al Alam Mosque – Lattavistara Monastery.
8. Blok M – It’s one of the most popular business, shopping, and entertainment districts in South Jakarta.
The walk passes: Police Museum – Al Azhar Mosque – ASEAN Headquarter – Atroeny General’s Office – Little Tokyo – Bulungan – Ayodya Park.
9. Oranje Boulevard – Stroll around the upscale neighbourhood full of historical events and pass embasies of friendly countries.
The walk passes: Taman Suropati – Metropole – Taman Diponegoro – Eijkmann Building – RSCM – University of Indonesia – Embassies of friendly countries.
10. Molenvliet – It’s a historical area once was called Molenvliet.
The walk passes: Hotel Sriwijaya – Jalan Pecenongan – Jiwasraya Building – Harmoni – gedung Arsip Nasional.
11. Tanah Abang – You know the name, you hear the story, let’s get deeper. There’s more than congested streets, noisy vehicles, and chaotic market in the area.
The walk passes: Textile Museum – Hok Tek Tjeng Sin Temple – Blok B Tanah Abang – Al Ma’mur Mosque – Goat Market – Teater Populer.

More info:
E : jakartagoodguide@gmail.com
Whatsapp : +628567669954 (Hans)
t & IG : @JKTgoodguide

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LOMBOK WALKING TOUR: The Heart of Mataram.

Mataram is the capital of Nusa Tenggara Barat. Not only it serves as an administrative city but also an exotic tourists destination with its enchanting nature and fascinating culture. Lombok Walking Tour takes you to the historical places and tell you their stories. Join us to understand the things that made the people and the city.

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Love (at the) Museums


Register HERE (klik tulisan HERE untuk pendaftaran)

After registration:

  1. Transfer the registration fee to: BCA 2870016835 (Pracandha Adwitiyo)
  2. CONFIRM your registration by sending a picture of the transfer receipt to whatsapp: +628567669954 (Huans)
  3. Show up at the National Museum at 9am (come 15mins earlier if you can) with someone you care about and enjoy the tour! 🙂

Setelah mengisi form pendaftaran:

  1. Kirim uang pendaftaran ke: BCA 2870016835 atas nama Pracandha Adwitiyo
  2. KONFIRMASI pendaftaran dengan mengirimkan bukti transfer ke whatsapp: +628567669954 (Huans)
  3. Hadir di Museum Nasional pukul 09.00 (10 menit lebih cepat lebih baik) dengan seseorang yang kamu sayang dan nikmati turnya! 🙂

Food Tour



Indonesia, being a country in South East Asia, is rich in culinary heritage. Spices have always known to be one of its best production, so the foods use a lot of them. Our Food Tour invites you to challenge your taste buds and let your tongue explore the variety of flavour in Indonesian foods.

Within 2 hours, the tour will satisfy your curiosity and craving for different kinds of Indonesian foods. We will savour the delight of West Sumateran food like rendang, and any other kinds of Indonesian curry; after that we will stop at a satay cart to taste its chicken and lamb satay with peanut or sweet soy sauce, in the end you will be on which side? #ChickenSatay or #LambSatay. You will only be one’s side, we guarantee. But not with Durian, the king of fruit waiting at our next stop. With durian, it’s either yay or nay. You can’t be in between. But even when you’re team ‘nay’, at least, with us, you get to try one.

There are some other stops to make if you have big appetite, our notable Gudeg, a typical food from Jogja; or Martabak, Indonesian pancake; is two things you shouldn’t miss. When you feel like you can’t take it anymore, you have to make room for the well-known lamb fried rice. This is a must-try!

Duration: 2-3 hours.
Recommended foods: rendang, chicken & lamb satay, wedang ronde, durian, martabak manis (sweet martabak), nasi goreng kambing, pipiltin chocolate.
Price: IDR100.000/pax (food is not included).
Recommended money to bring: one portion of one type of food is around IDR25.000, so consider how many types of food you are willing to try. Remember, if you’re with a friend or a group, you can always share.
This food tour is only for foreigners because the tour only explores the regular Indonesian food, the food that locals find regularly. 

City Center Walking Tour


The walk that highlights Jakarta as a modern city with diversities. This walk covers some of the most important landmarks of Jakarta as you will walk in the central of the capital city. The best walk for first timers or they who want to know deeper about the J-town.

The meeting point of this walk is on the front yard of the most important museum, the National Museum. You will find an elephant statue and we’ll be there waiting for you. If you take the Transjakarta bus, stop at MONAS bus stop and walk to your left because the museum building is right across the bus stop.

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