Jakarta Free Walking Tour!


9 walking tour options:
1. City centre 1 – the route highlights some of the most important buildings in the modern Jakarta, like the National Monument, the presidential palace, the Istiqlal Mosque, etc.
The walk passes: National Museum, Court of Constitution, National Monument, Presidential Palace, the Great Mosque Istiqlal, Jakarta Cathedral, and Immanuel Church.
2. Chinatown – walk inside Jakarta’s oldest chinatown with the traditional market and temples.
The walk passes: Old Chinese house – Candranaya, Petak Sembilan traditional market, Dharma Bakti temple, St. Maria de Fatima church, Toa Se Bio temple, Gloria food alley.
3. Old town* – this is where it all started. Experience Jakarta (Batavia then) in the Dutch colonial time.
The walk pases: Museum Bank Indonesia, The Big Canal, Toko Merah, Dutch Drawbridge, Syahbandar Tower, Old Harbour, Fatahillah Square.
*Also available for night tour
4. Menteng – one of the nicest neighbourhoods in the city with some interesting historical stories.
The walk passes: Suropati park, Bappenas building, Declaration of Independence Museum, Obama’s school, The Great General Museum, Kunstkring Art Gallery, Cut Meutia Mosque. 
5. Pasar baru – the name might mean “new”, but there’s nothing new about this area. Old buildings, market, holy places can be found in the neighbourbood.
The walk passes: Santa Ursula school, Jakarta Philately Building, Jakarta Art Building, Antara Gallery, Pasar Baru, Gang Kelinci Noodle, PNIEL old church.
6. Cikini – Walk among the busy streets and tall buildings of the city and find secret stories.
The walk passes: Gedung Juang 45, Taman Ismail Marzuki, SMPN 1 Jakarta, Perguruan Cikini, Pasar Surabaya (Surabaya Antique Market).
Jatinegara – One of Jakarta’s busiest trading centers that holds historical values and religious tolerance.
The walk passes: Jatinegara train station, Koinonia church, Amurva Bhumi Temple, Al Anwar Mosque, Jatinegara Gems Centre.
8. City Center 2 – It’s the other part of Jakarta’s City Center. You will find government buildings housed in the Dutch colonial buildings. Let’s find the stories behind the buildings!
The walk passes: Banteng Square, Pancasila building, Immanuel Church, National Gallery, Tugu Pahlawan (Heroes Monument), Balai Kota (City Hall).
9. Foodie Tour* – Want to get a glimpse of Indonesian foods in just 2 hours of walking? Join our foodie tour and try various cuisine from different parts of Indonesia…without having to travel far, just walk!
The walk passes such cuisine: West Sumateran food, e.g., Rendang; Satay (chicken, lamb, etc); Nasi Goreng (chicken, lamb, etc.); Martabak (Indonesian pancake); Soto (any kind); and so much more.
* only available in the evening 

Thu, 8 Dec: Menteng (9 a.m.)
Sat, 10 Dec: Old Town (9 a.m.)
Mon, 12 Dec: OPEN WALK- MOLENVLIET (9 a.m.)
Register here and wait for our confirmation email.
Tue, 27 Dec: Old Town (9 a.m.)

Other Dates are still AVAILABLE!  

Want to join us? Choose a route & date  :
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P : +628567669954
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Open Walk: Molenvliet


Jakarta Good Guide invites you to walk in an area that was once known as MOLENVLIET.
This walk passes: Hotel Sriwijaya – Jl. Pecenongan – Jiwasraya building – Harmoni – (Hotel Des Indes) – Gedung Arsip Nasional.
Monday, 12 December 2016 | 9am.
It’s a pay-as-you-wish walking tour.

Register here and wait for our confirmation email.


Jogja Walking Tour: Malioboro

Jogja is always interesting to explore but we believe, locals tell the story better. 

So, explore Jogja with locals. Find the history behind the buildings, the story of the people, and the wisdom behind the local culture.

It’s a pay-as-you-wish guided walking tour, we walk every day. However, registration is needed. 

jogja.goodguide@gmail.com | +628567669954 (whatsapp)

Jakarta Walking Tour: BLOK M


Take your friends, family members, office mates, college buddies, high school pals, lover, ex, or just…alone! It will still be as fun.

We will walk in Jakarta’s most popular business, shopping, and entertainment districts: BLOK M. Find the stories, histories, controversies behind the area with us.

Register now:
jakartagoodguide@gmail.com or
+628567669954 (whatsapp)

Jakarta Walking Tour Festival

Celebrating Jakarta’s 489th Anniversary, we invite everyone to walk in 8 different routes in Jakarta at the same time. Realising that walking in Ramadan would be challenging, we didn’t set our bar high and just expected some people to register.

Surprisingly, within a week, all routes are full with more than 20 people per route signing up. In total, there were more than 180 people registered. We were thrilled!

On D-Day, Jakarta’s traffic, like usual, were chaotic in the afternoon. Only a few people showed up a few minutes before the scheduled walk, 3.30 p.m. We waited until 3.45 p.m., and some routes started because they had enough participants to walk and some other had to wait a little bit longer. Fortunately, all routes ended just before Maghrib.

Overall, 115 people showed up and the walk went well. Here are the pictures of the Jakarta Walking Tour Festival: