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What is “Pay As You Wish” Tour ?

“Jakarta is difficult to go around”.

“The traffic is unbearable”.

“The government doesn’t put informative signs in tourist sites”.

Those were some complaints that I learnt when guests are visiting my city, Jakarta. And I am tired of it.

Well, I’m not part of the government bureaucracy but I believe there’s something I can do about this. Having my guiding license was a benefit for me to find jobs as a tour guide. But I want to do a little bit more than that.

I came up with an idea of a walking tour in a certain interesting spot where you can see and learn something about the city without costing you a fortune to join a tour in a tour bus or from a travel agency.

So, the idea was to guide you around and try something to blend with the locals, and at the end of the tour, you can pay just as you wish. You don’t even have to pay anything when you’re on a tight budget or not happy with the tour.

Since I also have other work, so schedule about the tour will be posted in this blog or feel free to contact me:

E-mail: jakartagoodguide@gmail.com
Phone : +08567669954 (Candha) or +6281617159582 (Farid).

Enjoy Jakarta! (I wish you will).

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The Tour with A Japanese Man Who Feared Fish

Shouta bravely took pictures with Komodo Dragon while the guide TERRIFIED
Shouta bravely took pictures with Komodo Dragon while the guide TERRIFIED

“Hey cantik!”

Those were some of the few words that Shouta learnt quickly when I told him that’s how he flirted with a girl in Jakarta, he directly tried it to a lot of women.

He said “hey, cantik!” to some girls passing by, to a street vendor and some other women.

I couldn’t help but laughing watching him doing it. The thing is, Shouta is a Japanese young man who doesn’t look Japanese. His face is quite Indonesian to me (and I bet to a lot of people). So, the ladies he said “hey, cantik” to were not really impressed.”Hey, cantik” means “hey, beautiful”, by the way.

Shouta is Tashya’s friend who was on a trip to Indonesia. He and his English friend, Tim, visited Bali for a few days and decided to stay in Jakarta for two days to seeĀ  Tashya. Knowing that I’m a guide, Tashya and I directly planned a tour for Shouta and Tim.

It was Friday, May the 2nd, a day after the International Labour Day where all labors were on strike and did protest. We decided to go a little bit away from the center of Jakarta because we heard that a lot of labours would gather in front of the palace to do protest on that day, so we planned to have a tour in Indonesia Miniature Park (Taman Mini Indonesia Indah).

Having learnt that the protest would take place after Friday prayer (midday), we decided to make a quick stop to the National Monument after picking them up in their hotel.

Since we couldn’t go up the observation deck because of the long queue, we just went to the museum and this is where Shouta was curious about Japan occupation in Indonesia. Continue reading “The Tour with A Japanese Man Who Feared Fish”

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The Tour With A Couple Who Met Up in The Sky

Imelda and Geoffroy in the observation deck in Menara Syahbandar
Imelda and Geoffroy in the observation deck in Menara Syahbandar

When I saw her message, I was stunned. It said…

“Saya & teman berencana untuk reservasi Jakarta Half Day tour tgl 8 Mei, bisa diinformasikan berapa harga untuk 2 orang? Turnya bisa mulai setelah makan siang gak? Jam 2 siang dijemput dari hotel? Terima kasih.”

Not the content than surprised me but the fact that it was sent by an Indonesian woman. Well, not that I was that desperate, that no woman ever sent me a message. A little bit, I guess. But the fact that she sent me the message through toursbylocals that made me wonder. If you’re an Indonesian, why would you want to book a Jakarta tour by an Indonesian guy via a Canadian website and pay in US Dollars?

Okay, she was from Surabaya. But I bet you have tons of Jakartan friends who would love to take you around and show the landmarks of the town. Okay, maybe not tons, but at least one or two. Or, are you that desperate too? Like I was (and have been) desperate to find my soulmate?

I didn’t expect her to book my tour when I mentioned the price of my half day tour in USD, but she actually did! She added a little note that she will be with his friend, Mr. Geoffroy Parmentier. AH! That explains.

A friend told me on twitter that name “Parmentier” means he’s from Belgium, and my friend was right. When I picked them up at the airport, I directly mentioned that to him and he explained that the name Parmentier was a pretty popular name because Antoine Parmentier was the person who supported potatoes as a food source in France and Europe. Read more about him here. So, whenever he mentioned his name to a stranger, he was always asked, “you must’ve liked potatoes so much, haven’t you?”. Continue reading “The Tour With A Couple Who Met Up in The Sky”

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The tour with A Japanese Girl Who is Easily Excited

Naomi Taking Selfie with Monkeys
Naomi Taking Selfie with Monkeys

“Can I take their picture? Will they be offended?”

That’s the first question Naomi askedĀ  when she saw numerous motorcycles struggling for their way on a busy street of Jakarta.

Naomi is a friend of a high school friend of mine, Zara. Zara contacted me when she found out that Naomi, her college friend in Milan, was visiting for a few days. Naomi is a Japanese girl who lives in Japan at the moment and speaks perfect Italian but only little English. So, from the beginning, I thought this trip was gonna be interesting. Guiding a Japanese girl and having my friend translating my English to Italian to her. What language-complication could you expect more? But I still believed it was going to be fun.

When I parked my car in front of a convenience store to get some snacks and drinks for our trip, she suddenly said, “Ah, convenience store. I wanted to see Jakarta’s convenience store” as she got out of the car excitedly.

It was just a small Alfamart, actually. Alfamart is a typical Indonesian convenience store that’s less exciting than Seven Eleven or Family Mart that exist in Japan. Continue reading “The tour with A Japanese Girl Who is Easily Excited”