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What is “Pay As You Wish” Tour ?

“Jakarta is difficult to go around”.

“The traffic is unbearable”.

“The government doesn’t put informative signs in tourist sites”.

Those were some complaints that I learnt when guests are visiting my city, Jakarta. And I am tired of it.

Well, I’m not part of the government bureaucracy but I believe there’s something I can do about this. Having my guiding license was a benefit for me to find jobs as a tour guide. But I want to do a little bit more than that.

I came up with an idea of a walking tour in a certain interesting spot where you can see and learn something about the city without costing you a fortune to join a tour in a tour bus or from a travel agency.

So, the idea was to guide you around and try something to blend with the locals, and at the end of the tour, you can pay just as you wish. You don’t even have to pay anything when you’re on a tight budget or not happy with the tour.

Since I also have other work, so schedule about the tour will be posted in this blog or feel free to contact me:

E-mail: jakartagoodguide@gmail.com
Phone : +08567669954 (Candha) or +6281617159582 (Farid).

Enjoy Jakarta! (I wish you will).


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