Jakarta Walking Tour – City Center 27 Sept 2014

Jakarta Walking Tour on Saturday, 27 Sept 2014 with 3 German girls, Geraldine, Miriam, and Ji- Won. Ji-Won was the one taking pictures because she didn’t feel looking well enough to be in the pictures (though we thought she looked nice). The girls were on their way to Solo for an internship in one of the local hospitals but decided to get a glimpse on the capital city.

The walking tour was nice with a chit chat getting to know Jakarta and Frankfurt (where they’re from) and learn the similarities and differences between the 2 big cities.

Wanna join us? Please don’t hesitate to send an e-mail : jakartagoodguide@gmail.com or text : +628567669954 (with Candha).


Jakarta Walking Tour – City Center 14 Sept 2014

Jakarta Walking Tour – City Center on Sunday, Sept 14 2014.

Ben Wheawell, Antonio Cirillo from Bristol, England;
Danny, Heryono, Ahau, Arief, Dewi Ratnasari, Martinus from Indonesia.