Jakarta Free Walking Tour, Jakarta Tours


We started a bit late due to Eid prayer that I had to do, but it didn’t make the walking tour less fun.

There were 3 women joining us, Edwina and her mother, Edwina has been working for a year in Jakarta and her mother was visiting for the weekend. It was nice to have a walk with them and got to listen to the stories of their family. How Edwina’s mother like traveling, having 3 children in different places make her enjoy doing it. It also felt good knowing that Edwina got to see some leafier places of Jakarta that she had never been before. The other participant was Maryam, a Canadian girl who quit her job and now traveling to Indonesia and Malaysia (later). When you ask her the duration of her stay, she would answer, “I don’t know yet. It depends”. I have a month”. Fun life! These are our pictures and the kind feedback from Edwina. Thanks to you all.

Interested in joining us? Check our next schedule or e-mail to : jakartagoodguide@gmail.com or text : +628567669954



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