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Jakarta Free Walking Tour : Chinatown Route

Exploring Jakarta’s china town is one interesting experience because the china town is not one place for tourists. You will witness real people with real experiences and real emotions as well.
This is what you will see during Jakarta Walking Tour – Chinatown :

1. Candra Naya Building.
This elegant and grand building was built in 19th century without anyone ever knew the exact year. We know for sure, it was built in a rabbit year, so either 1807 or 1867. The last owner of the house was a Chinese captain who was killed in a Japanese working camp during 1942-1949 in Jakarta. What made this residence different from any other Chinese houses? What happened to the house after the last owner was killed? Join our walking tour and find out the story behind it.

4 Australian ladies with 4 different characters : Anne, Mari, Laura & Tess in front of Candra Naya building listening to Farid, one of our guides, telling the story of the old house.
4 gorgeous ladies listening to our guide, Farid, telling the interesting (and sad) story of Candra Naya building.

2. Petak Sembilan.
It’s a traditional market. Yes, it’s busy, (sometimes) muddy and dirty, but it has its own charm. Walk with us on this narrow street and find people selling from school uniform, Chinese celebration accessories, daily needs to exotic foods like frogs (dead or alive), sea plants (animals and NOT vegetables), crabs, etc.

Petak Sembilan

3. Dharma Bakti Temple
With regrets, we have to announce that Dharma Bakti temple was caught on fire at the 2nd of March 2015 so most of the building was destroyed. But we can still admire the temple from outside and go inside the smaller temples around it. But guess what? Even though the temple was burnt down, our guide will still tell you the magnificent history behind this fantastic temple.

Yes, I'm Your Guide and with sadness I say... this burnt temple was one of the oldest and biggest temples in the city.
Yes, I’m Your Guide and with sadness I say… this burnt temple was one of the oldest and biggest temples in the city.

4. Santa Maria de Fatima Catholic Church.
It’s in China town and the building looks like a Chinese house…but it’s not. It’s a Catholic church. How did that happen? Our guide will tell you…and give you a little trivia of 2 similar lions.

Source : www.id.indonesia.travel
Source : http://www.id.indonesia.travel

5. Toasebio Temple
Its original name was Cheng Goan Cheng Kun Temple, named after a Chinese king who sent his messenger to the Chinese community in 15th century, but people would rather call it “Toasebio” meaning “The Messenger Temple”. There’s one forbidden thing to do in front of the altar of this temple. What is it? Ask our guide and make sure you do not do the thing he’s telling you.

In front of the God of the North Sky in Toasebio temple.
In front of the God of the North Sky in Toasebio temple.

6. Candra Shopping Centre
Hold on. Before you judge me for taking you to a shopping centre, but you must know that before Jakarta is known as a city with a thousand malls, Chinatown has already had a shopping centre. Walk inside and feel like you’re in an old-school Hong Kong. (It’s a personal opinion, because I’ve never been to Hong Kong myself…) :))

7. Gloria Food Street
It’s the famous Gang Gloria (Gloria Narrow Street). Pork Belly, Hainam Rice, Fruits, Vegetables, Meatballs, and everything in between…are here! After strolling the narrow street we’ll take you a coffee shop that has been open since 1930s, Tak Kie Coffee Shop. It’s famous for its Iced Coffee. Sit and relax and imagine someone doing Kung Fu outside. Kidding.

Wanna try the pork's belly?
Wanna try the pork’s belly?

Register now by sending an e-mail or text to us and check our availability. It’s a pay-as-you-wish walking tour, so feel free to pay just as much as you want.

Meeting Point : Seven Eleven Notovel Hotel Gajah Mada (Jl. Gajah Mada No. 188). Our guide is wearing a T-shirt with our “Jakarta Good Guide” logo on the front.
We walk everyday (with a booking).


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