Jakarta Free Walking Tour: Old Town Route

This is one of the touristiest sites in Jakarta. Well, this area has a lot of stories. The ancient buildings still stand as evidences of the glorious days of Batavia, the name of the city before Jakarta. Why should you join this tour? We believe your visit to Jakarta will be more impressive if you know the history of each building, the stories of the area, because these buildings can’t talk.

  • Mandiri Museum (passing)
    I always consider this building quite new because it was built in the early 20th century. Well, it has to compete with some other more ancient buildings like the building next to it… Museum Bank Indonesia.
  • Bank Indonesia Museum (going in)
    It’s been named the best museum in Jakarta. When we go inside it, we’ll know it deserves the title. The building itself is an impressive building, built in 19th century as a hospital; it then became De Javasche Bank building, VOC’s central bank. Inside, we’ll see the journey of Indonesian economy from the 19th century to the crisis in 1998.

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Jakarta Free Walking Tour: 22 – 29 March