Jakarta Private Tours

Do you wish to see only the things you like, do the things you have interest in, wander around some spots you desire…or even shopping your favorite things?

Let us arrange A PRIVATE TOUR just for you!

Our guide with a Malaysian family wandering around the old town of Jakarta

Our guide with a Malaysian family wandering around the old town of Jakarta

Tell us what you want, we’ll arrange the itinerary, organize how you travel, pick up and drop you off at places you wish. This is the tour for you, your partner, family, friends, colleagues, lover, or anyone else you wish to travel with.

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Walking in city centre route meaning you will see how busy the city is. Interestingly, not all modern buildings around the city centre. You will find classic building built in the 19th century as well, like the National Museum and the Presidetial Palace. Hear the story of the buildings by our guide and experience walking in the nicest part of Jakarta where the pavement is wide and the streets are wider.

The City Centre route passes:

1. National Museum (locals call it “Museum Gajah”).
This is our meeting point. Let’s meet up near a small elephant statue in the front yard of the museum. This is the most complete museum with more that 140.000 collections but only 1/3 of the collections are on display. The classic building is still original built in 1862-1868, but now they built a more modern building resembling the old one.

2. Court of Constitution.
Take a look of the building that looks like it was built in the classic era. Then, take a closer look to find the architecture’s flaw in building one of the basic architecture classic style. The building is new, because the Court of Constitution was only established in 2003.

3. The National Monument.
This is the 0 km of modern Jakarta. A monument inspired by Lingga and Yoni built in 1962 and took around 14 years to complete.

4. The Presidential Palace.
One of the 7 presidential palaces in Indonesia. This one is not the grandest or the most elegant, but it’s where the president receives international guests, and install ministers and ambassadors.

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