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The Tour with Interesting People

As a guide, we never expect what kind of person our guest is gonna be. I didn’t either when Alberto booked a walking tour around the Chinatown area in Jakarta. One thing I knew was… He was Italian. That was it.

I met with him in Seven Eleven just a few minutes after 9 am, our meeting time. We directly clicked as I started telling him the long history of Jakarta’s Chinatown. And when we finished exploring an old Chinese house called Candra Naya, we started walking to the traditional market called Petak Sembilan.

During our walk, we talked about a lot of things but the first topic was about Jakarta. It was Alberto’s third visit to Jakarta, “but I never had the chance to explore the city because I am here for business, and always business. So, I only go to meeting place and hotel everyday. Lucky today, I got some time off before flying back.”

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Jakarta Walking Tour on Kompas Travel

Jakarta Good Guide, Wisata Jalan Kaki di Jakarta Selain Mal

Selasa, 20 Oktober 2015
Jakarta Walking Tour participants in front of Indonesia's former president, Suharto.
Jakarta Walking Tour participants in front of the residence of Indonesia’s former president, Suharto.

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com –  “Jakarta bukan hanya mal”. Itu slogan pertama yang diucapkan Candha saat mengumpulkan para peserta “Menteng Walking Tour” di Taman Suropati, Menteng, Minggu (18/10/2015).

Candha adalah satu dari lima pemandu yang tergabung dalam Jakarta Good Guide, sebuah perkumpulan yang ingin memperkenalkan “sisi historis” Jakarta pada masyarakatnya. Ada banyak peserta yang datang, sebagian besar dari Jakarta dan Bekasi.

“Kita mau minimal orang Jakarta tahu lah tentang Jakarta, nggak cuma mal saja,” terang Candha.

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Jakarta Free Walking Tour, Jakarta Tours

Jakarta Free Walking Tours in November

Free Walking Tours conducted from Nov, 1 to Nov, Nov, 30 2015.

Jakarta Free Walking Tour, Jakarta Tours

Open Walk – Chinatown

We started our November with a celebration of wisatasekolah.com anniversary. We teamed up to carry out the Chinatown Walking Tour.

With smaller teams, which means more intimate walk, we met in seven eleven Novotel Hotel that has been keeping a hidden treasure, the Candra Naya building. It’s hidden because it is surrounded by a modern building complex and it’s a treasure because the building has a long interesting history, just like the Chinatown itself. Take a look at our walk: