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City Center Walking Tour


The walk that highlights Jakarta as a modern city with diversities. This walk covers some of the most important landmarks of Jakarta as you will walk in the central of the capital city. The best walk for first timers or they who want to know deeper about the J-town.

The meeting point of this walk is on the front yard of the most important museum, the National Museum. You will find an elephant statue and we’ll be there waiting for you. If you take the Transjakarta bus, stop at MONAS bus stop and walk to your left because the museum building is right across the bus stop.

The walk begins at the museum and you will stroll down the main road. Don’t worry about the sidewalks here, because they’re wide and proper. But always be careful as they migh have some bumps or holes. From the museum, we will make a stop at a magnificent building of Mahkamah Konstitusi or the Court of Constitution then cross the road to the iconic National Monument.

Take a picture here as you haven’t visited Jakarta if you haven’t visited the monument. Not far from the monument, you will see the workplace of the President, the Merdeka Palace. Walk a bit to stop at the Supreme Court and do not stop at the Military Headquarter, it’s not allowed to stop nor to take pictures. But you will see the statue of our founder’s favorite national hero, General Sudirman.

After that, do make a stop at the most popular old ice cream parlour, Ragusa. While resting, order our favorite flavour, nougat. But you can also try your own choice.


The two last stops will impress you as you will see two holy sites, the biggest mosque in South East Asia and the oldest Catholic church, stand across each other. To enter the mosque, you must cover your shoulders and legs, otherwise you will have to wear a robe provided by the mosque. The tour ends just across the mosque, the Cathedral of Jakarta. Get inside and feel the peaceful atmosphere in the middle of busy streets.

Duration: 2-3 hours.
Distance: 3 kms.
Stop Spots: National Museum – Court of Constitution – National Monument – Presidential Palace – Supreme Court – Ragusa Ice Cream – Istiqlal Mosque – Cathedral of Jakarta.
Recommended Places to Hang Out:
1. Ragusa Ice Cream (https://goo.gl/maps/rUKdH6wV8p72 ).
2. Sabang 16 Coffee Shop (https://goo.gl/maps/HEkUQNEaYG42 ).
3. Pipiltin Cocoa (https://goo.gl/maps/3Jsx9SU1PSt ).
4. Atjeh Connection (https://goo.gl/maps/8TupormLhmE2 ).
Recommended Places to Visit:
1. The National Museum.
2. The National Monument and go to the top.
3. Sabang Street for local food.
4. Sarinah Mall for traditional souvenirs.
Recommended Places to Stay:
1. Shraya Residence (https://goo.gl/maps/RxvoexqmygK2 ).
Jl. Surabaya No.16, Menteng, Jakarta Pusat 10310.
2. Six Degrees Hostel (https://goo.gl/maps/HrQLCvhiiwt ).
Jl. Cikini Raya No.60BC, Cikini, Jakarta Pusat.
3. Capsule Hotel Old Batavia (https://goo.gl/maps/tTpeij42g6C2 )
Jl. Cikini Raya No. 60Z, Menteng, Jakarta Pusat.
(021) 3905123


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