Love (at the) Museums


Register HERE (klik tulisan HERE untuk pendaftaran)

After registration:

  1. Transfer the registration fee to: BCA 2870016835 (Pracandha Adwitiyo)
  2. CONFIRM your registration by sending a picture of the transfer receipt to whatsapp: +628567669954 (Huans)
  3. Show up at the National Museum at 9am (come 15mins earlier if you can) with someone you care about and enjoy the tour! 🙂

Setelah mengisi form pendaftaran:

  1. Kirim uang pendaftaran ke: BCA 2870016835 atas nama Pracandha Adwitiyo
  2. KONFIRMASI pendaftaran dengan mengirimkan bukti transfer ke whatsapp: +628567669954 (Huans)
  3. Hadir di Museum Nasional pukul 09.00 (10 menit lebih cepat lebih baik) dengan seseorang yang kamu sayang dan nikmati turnya! 🙂

City Center Walking Tour


The walk that highlights Jakarta as a modern city with diversities. This walk covers some of the most important landmarks of Jakarta as you will walk in the central of the capital city. The best walk for first timers or they who want to know deeper about the J-town.

The meeting point of this walk is on the front yard of the most important museum, the National Museum. You will find an elephant statue and we’ll be there waiting for you. If you take the Transjakarta bus, stop at MONAS bus stop and walk to your left because the museum building is right across the bus stop.

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Chinatown Walking Tour


This is the real Chinatown in Jakarta! You will find real people doing real activities; trading, praying, sipping coffee, and everything in between. If you like to meet locals doing their activities, you want to join this tour!

The meeting point of the tour is in Seven Eleven in Hotel Novotel on Gajah Mada street, you will not miss this popular hotel building. If you take the Transjakarta bus, take the one that goes to KOTA (line 1) and stop at OLIMO bus stop, go to your left and get down the bridge and walk straight approximately 200m and the Novotel hotel is on your left. The Seven Eleven is just around the corner.

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Old Town Walking Tour



This is the most popular route in our Jakarta Walking Tour every year. We believe one of the reasons is because the old town offers beautiful ancient buildings built during the colonial time with interesting historical facts.

The meeting point is easy to find. If you take commuter line, you need to stop at JAKARTAKOTA train station, it’s one of the biggest, oldest, and one busiest train stations in the capital city. And if you take the Transjakarta bus, go to KOTA bus terminal and go under the tunnel to the station. Once you get there, find Starbucks and we’ll be right in front of the entrance of the Starbucks. If you need help finding it, check the googlemap location HERE

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Family Walking Tour

Let’s end this year by walking with us! Wisata Sekolah & Jakarta Good Guide present Family Walking Tour on Saturday, 31 December at 9am. We’ll explore building A of the National Museum (before it’s closed for a year) and Jakarta’s City Hall.
Take your family and friends and loved ones and register to or whatsapp 081910831792.

Wisata Sekolah & Jakarta Good Guide ngajak kamu dan keluarga juga teman untuk ikutan Family Walking Tour hari Sabtu, 31 Desember pkl 09.00. Kita akan menjelajah gedung A Museum Nasional (sebelum ditutup setahun) dan Balai Kota Jakarta.
Ajak keluarga, teman dan daftar ke atau whatsapp ke 081910831792.