Frequently Asked Questions (and The Answers)

The enthusiasm of people who want to join our walking tours is enormous and we are thrilled! Thank you, people! However, we are aware that there are some confusions and we hope this will help answering your questions:

  • What is Jakarta Walking Tour?
    Well, it’s a tour…on foot. You will be accompanied by one of our guides to some of the most interesting parts of Jakarta. Like a guide, he/she will tell you the stories behind buildings, streets, or areas.
  • How many routes are there?
    There are 4 and each one of them is unique and interesting. However, on weekends we have other routes too.
  • Which one do you recommend for a first-timer?
    If this is your first visit to J-town, the City Center route will show you the modern part and some highlights of Jakarta. The Old Town route is definitely a must because this is the story of Jakarta began.
  • How do we join your walking tour?
    If you want to join our regular route, fill in the googleform from our blog. After submitting, read the information at the end of the form. There will also be a confirmation email sent to your email. Finally, show up at the date and the meeting point 10 mins before the walk starts. If you suddenly can’t join, please inform us via email or whatsapp.
  • Where is the meeting place?
    The meeting point depends on which route you are going to walk. We will inform you the meeting point as soon as you book our walking tour.
  • How much do we pay for the walking tour?
    Well, it’s a pay-as-you-wish walking tour, so you are free to tip the guide as much (or as little) as you wish, depending on your satisfaction towards his service. 🙂
  • How far is the walk?
    It is about 3-5 kms, depending on the route you choose.
  • How long does the walking tour take?
    It takes around 2-3 hours, depending on the number of people joining the group and of course, the duration you take to take pictures. 🙂
  • What’s the minimum and maximum number of participants of the walking tour?
    We will walk with only 1 person and we believe one guide can only handle maximum 15 people, so we limit the participants to only 15.
  • What is a food tour?
    The tour that explores signature dishes of Indonesia. We will try famous local cuisine from the delicious rendang to the tasty satay and the rich lamb fried rice. From a popular restaurant to the busy street cart. Within 2 hours, your tastebuds will be spoiled by the various flavours of Indonesian foods.
  • Why is the food tour available for foreigners only?
    Because Indonesians won’t find the experience interesting. The foods that we will try are regular foods that locals find every day. So, no offence, but the experience is available for foreigners who dare to try local meals.
  • Can I join if I take my foreigner friends in the food tour?
    Of course!
  • What dishes are available for tasting in the food tour?
    • Rendang – voted as the most delicious food by CNN Go readers in 2011. It’s slow-cooked beef with coconut milk and spices.
    • Chicken & lamb satay – Chunks of chicken/lamb meat grilled in a wooden stick with sweet soy sauce or peanut sauce.
    • Durian – tropical fruit with sweet creamy meat. Like it or not, try it (at least once in your life)!
    • Martabak – Indonesian pancake made of flour with chocolate sprinkles, peanuts, cheese, and others.
    • Lamb fried rice – fried rice with Indonesian curry mixed in a giant pan.
    • Indonesian chocolate – Indonesia is one of the biggest cocoa producers in the world. Try a bar of our chocolate!
    • Many more…. Gudeg, Wedang ronde, coffee, etc.

16 thoughts on “Frequently Asked Questions (and The Answers)”

  1. If I want to join our regular route, how could i found the the googleform from your blog that I need to fill in?

  2. Halo, Jakarta Good Guide. I’m Faizah, a final-year student at UI majoring in Geography. I’m now conducting a research about Jakarta tourism sites. Do you mind if I ask some questions about how you categorized the sites for the tour and people who had joined? Do you have someone I can contact? Thank you in advance! 🙂

  3. Hello, are we able to hire or request a separate tour if the one we like is not available on our free day in Jakarta? would like either Old Town or City Center for Aug 4. Anytime. Many thanks.

  4. Hi Jakarta Good Guide, We quite interest on your walking tour!
    We will be on my way from Bogor/ Bandung….

    We would like to know which tours among your City Centre 01, Old Town, Chinatown and Foodie Tours, will exactly be available starting from 20th Oct everning until 22nd Noon as my flight will only leave Jakarta on 22ndOct @1845pm.

    Thanks for providing me the walking tour schedules for the above 3 days (i.e. 20th~22ndOct)! Best Rgrds, Kay

    1. Hi Kay Loo, Thank you for your message and interest in walking with us. Our regular tours will definitely available during those dates. 20th Oct at 630pm: Street Food Tour; 21st Oct at 9am: City Center 1; 22nd Oct at 9am: Old Town. Unfortunately, you won’t have time to do the Chinatown tour, though, because it’s only available on Tuesday and Friday. Terribly sorry about this. 😦
      But you can still enjoy the outher tours. 🙂

      Farid M

      1. Thank you, Mr Farid,
        your info are quite useful to us!

        1. …as date 20th Oct we will be coming from Bogor after taman Mini Indonesia & Botanical Garden ( Presidential Palace), may I know will you have Street Food tour on the next day 21st Oct i.e. Saturday afternoon, or everning 6.30pm ?

        Also may I know what walks do you have for 21st Oct afternoon or everning?

        Thks & Rgrds, kay

  5. Dear Mr Farid,
    …What i meant above I afraid we may not make it that everning on 20thOct,
    as it very depends whether traffic jam not all the way from Bogor, thus…..

    1. Do you still have street food tour on 21stOct?
    2. What walk tours do you have on 21stOct afternoon, and that everning?

    Thank you,.

    Best Rgrds,

    1. Dear Kay,
      Our food tour only runs from Monday to Friday because the street on weekend is really crowded, but if you want, we can recommend you the places so that you can do it on your own on the 21st evening. Let us know if you need help. As for the 21st evening, we only have the old town at night tour.
      Thank you.

      Farid M

  6. Salam dear Farid,

    ….As the Chinatown tour will not available during the weekend,
    seem like I can only consider to take both City Center 1 tour on Sat@9am, and Old Town tour on Sun@9am.

    YES, we accept your offer & really appreciate your help to recommend (4)four of us the places (other than those places already covered by the above two walking tours) so that after the two walking tours we can do them nearby on our own afternoon onwards on 21st Oct, or even on 22nd Oct (before our flight departed @ 1845pm).

    Thank you & looking forward your reply.

    Best rgrds,

    1. Hi Kay Loo,
      The recommended food on our food tour is located on Agus Salim street but locals call it “Sabang Street”.
      These are the recommended food on our food tour:
      1. Garuda Restaurant (
      We always make sure participants taste their rendang as it was named the most delicious food by the CNN readers this year.
      2. Sate Pak Heri (
      It’s a street food with a tent. Try their chicken satay or goat satay or you can have them mixed.
      3. Pempek Cawan Putih (
      Pempek (fish cake) comes with different types. The biggest is called “Kapal Selam” or “submarine” because it contains egg on the inside of the fish cake. Dip it in a sour sauce to get the best taste.
      4. Kopi Sabang 16 (
      It’s a modest local coffee shop that offers Coffee from different regions of Indonesia with several methods of preparations. The Indonesian method is called “tubruk”. They also have the best kaya toast in town (personal opinion, btw 😉 ).
      5. Nasi Goreng Kambing Kebon Sirih (
      My all time fave lamb fried rice. The best in town (another personal opinion, 😀 )

      They all open after 6.30pm, so empty your stomach and go explore! 🙂

      Farid M

      1. Thank you very much Farid,
        your info is detail enough & quite useful to four of us for sparing our free times over there!
        Keep in touch….thks

        Best Rgrds,

  7. Hi,

    I’ll be coming to Jakarta during the Christmas and New Year period. Is there any walking tour available during the period?


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