As a busy capital city, you find a lot of tall buildings here. Luxurious hotels, embassies, glamorous malls, until historical monuments can be found in the heart of the city.

The meeting point is easy to reach, take the Transjakarta bus corridor 1 and stop at Sarinah bus stop.

The walk starts in Sarinah building because this commercial center is more than just a regular mall. It has a historical value and a delicious local chocolate cafe. The walk then continues on Jalan Thamrin where we pass several buildings and find the stories behind them. The next stop is the most popular roundabout in the city, Bundaran Hotel Indonesia. Stop here and look up to the center of the monument. Wave back, if you have to. Join us and you will know what we mean. There are two ways to end the tour: first, continue walk up to Dukuh Atas or make a stop at All Season hotel to go to their cafe to see the skyline of Thamrin street. We recommend the second one but to do this, prepare yourself to order a drink for approx. IDR40.000. It’s worth it!

Duration: 2 hours.
Length of walk: Approx. 2 kms.
Stop Spots: Sarinah – Pipiltin Cocoa – Hotel Indonesia Roundabout – All Season Hotel.