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Jakarta Walking Tour Registration Form

Fill in this form for any types of walking tour: Regular route, weekend route, and museum tour.

Silahkan mengisi form ini untuk tur reguler, tur akhir pekan, dan tur museum.

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Jakarta Walking Tour Festival

Celebrating Jakarta’s 489th Anniversary, we invite everyone to walk in 8 different routes in Jakarta at the same time. Realising that walking in Ramadan would be challenging, we didn’t set our bar high and just expected some people to register.

Surprisingly, within a week, all routes are full with more than 20 people per route signing up. In total, there were more than 180 people registered. We were thrilled!

On D-Day, Jakarta’s traffic, like usual, were chaotic in the afternoon. Only a few people showed up a few minutes before the scheduled walk, 3.30 p.m. We waited until 3.45 p.m., and some routes started because they had enough participants to walk and some other had to wait a little bit longer. Fortunately, all routes ended just before Maghrib.

Overall, 115 people showed up and the walk went well. Here are the pictures of the Jakarta Walking Tour Festival:

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Jakarta Walking Tour in June 2016

It’s Ramadan, a fasting month for Muslims, but it doesn’t affect people who want to join our walking tours! Yeeay!

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Jakarta Walking Tour Festival

walking tour JATINEGARAJakarta’s 489th Anniversary is coming! Celebrate it by walking with us in several areas of the city to get to know it better!

We open ALL ROUTES: Old Town, Chinatown, City Center 1, City Center 2, Menteng, Pasar Baru, Cikini, Jatinegara. Choose one of the routes and register now! It’s a pay-as-you-wish tour.

Saturday, June 25th 2016. We start walking at 3.30 p.m and finish around 2 hours later or just before iftar (fasting break).

+628567669954 (whatsapp) and jakartagoodguide@gmail.com

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Open Walk: Old Town Night Walking Tour

night walking tour-01

We wanted to feel a different ambiance of Jakarta’s old town so we tried something new, walking under the moonlight.

Not only that, we also wanted to explore “different” stories of the area so we added some creepy additions to the stories.

The result, CRAZY! More than 200 people signed up in 3 days. Even though only 150 people showed up, we were extremely thrilled! Here are the pictures:

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Open Walk: Jakarta City Center 2

Jakarta Good Guide team was delighted to find out there were 200 (and more) people signing up for our walking tour “City Center 2” just a few days after having our e-poster posted in our social media accounts (twitter, instagram, facebook, path).

We decided to make it bigger this time because we had wanted the people to feel the intimate walk around Jakarta. Luckily, we had help from our other guides: Mas Adjie from Jakarta Food Adventure, Jefry and Shannon from Halo Indonesia.

It was only 8am but a girl had already come to us to re-register for that day’s walking tour. We were even amazed of how people were just as enthusiastic as we were! Then, crowd started to gather and it wasn’t even 9am yet!

The first and second group started walking exactly at 9am and the following groups continued within 5 minute period. Groups started entering the city hall, the last point, at around 11.30am to have a tour inside the governor’s office and witness how sophisticated the Jakarta Smart City Lounge is.

It was hot, true. It was tiring, true. But it was also fun. It was also exciting. Find the fun and excitement in the pictures: