Who is this good guide?



First of all, thanks for being curious about the people behind Jakarta Good Guide. We’re a bunch of tourist guides who love exploring and strolling the streets of Jakarta. We go by the name Candha, Farid, Huans, Indra, Lelly, Rita (in alphabetical order). It doesn’t matter where we came from, it’s where we are and what we do that counts.

We graduated from the guide training from Dinas Pariwisata DKI Jakarta in different year but we all got our license. Yes, we’re licensed tourist guides, and yes, you need a license to be able to guide in Jakarta (and other parts of the country).

We’re pretty active in social media, so if you want to say hi to us through twitter or instagram, please do so. This is us:
Candha : (ig) @candhaa & (twitter) @candha
Farid: (ig & twitter) @faridmrd
Huans: (ig) @gatholoco2000 & (twitter) @huans2huans
Indra: (ig) @indra_diwangkara
Lelly: (ig) @lellyfaizah
Rita: (ig) @rosalina_rita

Thanks and see you on the walks!

11 thoughts on “Who is this good guide?”

  1. Hi, how I can join with you guys ?
    Actually I’m from Secret Village (Kamp Tugu, Kamp of Portuguese in Jakarta), but now I’m working at some big company travel in Jakarta
    Saya suka guiding dan menceritakan tentang keluarga saya (Keluarga Quiko), tapi saya tidak bisa menyalurkan hobby saya. Jika berkenan saya dengan senang hati mau berbagi dan berkerja sama tapi waktu yang membatasi saya untuk menjadi Local Guide di kota tercinta saya. Mungkin jika berkenan saya bisa dihubungi melalui What’sUp Chat atau email saya. Terimakasih


    Mr Yu
    WA: 082111914477

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